About SportaMundi

About us

We want to encourage more children, adolescents and adults to start moving and to engage in sports, because sports and physical exercise are the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Sports participation and better movement skills at a young age contribute to a better physical, mental and social health.

Engaging in sports is key to social integration. Enjoying an activity and being good at it increases self confidence and lowers the threshold for social integration. We want to offer every child, adolescent, and adult the opportunity to develop themselves through movement activities & sports.

Smiling woman descending from a climbing wall

We support non-profit organizations that are active in Sports, Research and Education. We work together with existing organizations active in this field, to reach everyone and make them more active. By combining scientific insights, innovations and digital technology, we implement and anchor innovative solutions within the ecosystem in a sustainable way.

Collaborating, sharing and innovating are central to our approach. By developing and sharing sustainable solutions, we aim to close the digital gap for non-profit organizations that are active in the sports, research and education landscape.

Our position

SportaMundi positions itself as a provider of digital services towards organizations that are active in Sports, Research and Education. We support and collaborate with established organizations to reach everyone and make them more active. Together we want to make an impact for a healthier society.

In Belgium we closely collaborate with local organizations (see our NL website). Internationally we enforce our network via regional partners.

Schema showing the position SportaMundi takes in Belgium and internationally

Our story

SportaMundi was founded in 2018 and originated from the societal activities of the Department of Movement & Sports Sciences of Ghent University & Victoris in Belgium. SportaMundi received a grant from the Flemish government to develop SportKompas and offer this solution to children in primary schools all around Flanders. The entrepreneurial spirit of Bruno D’Hulster & “SportTechie” Kristof De Mey resulted in the founding & further development of SportaMundi.

Girl performs the shuttle throw exercise