Shared digital platforms

Resources for digitalization in sports and education are limited, despite many organizations having common needs and ambitions. Why not collaborate more closely, share funds and develop shareable digital solutions?

An example is our shared digital platform, used for measuring and monitoring movement skills, and SportKompas, used by schools, cities and universities.


With SportKompas, children between 8 and 10 years old can discover which sports fit them best. Based on physical tests and insights on motivation, each child gets their own personalized report with 7 ā€œsport planetsā€ out of a set of 40 sports. All test results are stored on the digital platform, available for sports and physical education (PE) teachers. A built-in algorithm from Ghent University (Prof. Matthieu Lenoir) determines the ranking of sports based on these results.

Statistics and reports from SportKompas show a childā€™s favorite sports, their most common barriers to engage in sports, the kidā€™s sports participation rate and his/her movement skills against scientific benchmarks. The collected data from SportKompas provides new insights for researchers, schools, cities and governments. These insights can be used to initiate specific interventions or remediations as part of a broader health and sports policy.

The same digital platform is also used as a Movement Skills Platform for schools. Physical Education (PE) teachers can use the platform to differentiate their lessons with exercises based on the movement skills of each individual child.

SportKompasĀ® is a registered trademark by SportaMundi.

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Movement Skills Platform

The Movement Skills Platform can be used to monitor the movement skills & health parameters of children in schools, based on scientific research, specific tests, and digital questionnaires.

A digital library is included within the platform, which links remediation exercises to specific movement skills. PE teachers can then use the platform to monitor the development of their students and provide differentiated exercises which are linked to the pre-set learning outcomes.

During 2021 about 40 pilot schools in Flanders and The Netherlands are using this platform. As from 2022, this solution will be made available to our regional partners to be used by primary & secondary schools in their country.

Interested to become a partner? Please contact us for more information.

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Research platform

Capturing and managing reliable long-term data sets in a secure manner is critical for all research. With our digital platform, researchers can create and manage their questionnaires, test sets and benchmarks. They can capture data from a specific population, from groups or individuals and analyze this data for longitudinal research.

The captured data can be immediately compared with your own benchmarks. Standard reporting provides a first impression of the collected data. More detailed analyses are possible via our Power BI platform or by exporting the raw data for the use of specific data analytics. We ensure the protection of the intellectual property (concerning the data sets), so that everything remains within the research group.

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Shared services

We support different organizations and digital environments through our shared services organization. We take care of operational support, software support, graphic design, reporting and administration.

Non-profit organizations in the sports sector often struggle with a lack of specific expertise. Some of our specialized expertise can be shared with non-profit organizations in a more cost-efficient way.

As such we operationally support the international Sports Tech Research Network (STRN) with content management, events and memberships.

Another initiative we support is SportUp, an accelerator for startups in Sports Tech, funded by Ghent University, Imec and Sport Vlaanderen. Together with Imec we coach startups to become more mature on the market.

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