Movement Skills Platform

At SportaMundi we found a way to map, regulate and monitor the movement skills of school children in a scientific way. By executing several fun exercises, a starting point is set for each pupil. Based on their test results the pupil can use custom practice material to progress at their own level. A structured color code allows you to compare the proficiency of all pupils at a glance.

A digital platform for primary and secondary schools to map, monitor and regulate each child’s movement skills (and later on their healthy and active lifestyle), based on recent and scientific insights.

Boy performing knee push-ups together with a SportKompas coordinator

Measuring movement skills?

We provide a number of standardized scientifically correct tests that accurately portray the movement skill level. These tests are the following: standing broad jump, curl-ups, sit & reach, endurance shuttle run, jumping sideways, moving sideways, eye-hand coordination, and balancing on a balance beam. Adding your own tests will be possible in the future.

After taking the tests, differentiated exercises can be offered to challenge each child at their own level. By retaking the tests, teacher and pupil will gain insight into the evolution of the pupil’s different skills.

The platform reaches its full potential when it is used over an extended period of time. This way, the platform will display a useful overview of the skill evolution in every child for each component.

Graph from the digital platform showing the results of one person's Sit and Reach scores during three points in time

Some tests can be performed using scientifically standardized equipment with specific dimensions and weights. Standardized testing equipment is crucial in order to obtain complete and correct results. The test results are calculated in relation to certain norm values where the same equipment was used.

The set consists of a BLOC test kit (material for backward balancing, jumping & moving sideways, eye-hand coordination) and a foldable sit & reach (note: zero point is 15 cm!) from BOSAN. The other tests can be taken with your own equipment. BOSAN is our partner in obtaining durable, user-friendly and quality equipment.

BOSAN's BLOC test kit

The test scores can easily be registered in the app while taking the test. The results are available on the digital platform immediately afterwards, and an overview per child based on their scores for each movement skill test can be accessed as well, which can serve as a report for the pupil. This way they can view and evaluate their own evolution. The PE teacher can view and compare all results of the movement skills on the platform in detail.

We also provide a video library for all PE teachers using our digital environment. It will be a wide range of differentiated exercises regarding Strength, Agility, Endurance, Speed, Coordination and Balance. Videos from specific sports will be included here as well, and we ensure that there is always a general quality control by a team of experts.

GIF showing demonstration of the test app

What is the main goal?

The ultimate goal is to create a development of gross motor skills in children/youths in a quality way so that they develop/maintain a physically active lifestyle and are strong in life both physically and mentally. By actively monitoring the movement skills of pupils and by properly guiding them in this, they will be more inclined to take initiative for an active lifestyle.

An additional and valuable goal is to provide the PE teacher with a digital environment to easily track the movement skills of their students throughout their entire school career. The individual and class reports contribute to this goal. Thus the children’s movement skills are adjusted and improved in a more targeted way.

Example of the report that the digital platform generates from the test data

What are the benefits of our digital environment?

  • UNIQUE: It is the only tracking system for physical education/exercise education in Flanders. Tables, lists, schedules in Excel, Word or in another program become superfluous. The individual reports and the structured class reports on the platform are all you need.

  • DIGITAL: The digital aspect grows more and more important, paper archives are chaotic and impractical. Through the digital environment, progress can easily be monitored and reviewed in a manner that is fast, clear and visually attractive for both the teacher and the student.

  • HIGH QUALITY TEACHING: Lessons are better structured by more targeted guidance of the pupils, based on differentiated exercises around 6 components: strength, agility, endurance, speed, coordination, and balance. The children are challenged individually at their own level. Every feature on the platform (testing, exercises, videos) is scientifically based thanks to our close cooperation with Ghent University. The platform thus proves to be a reliable foothold for the PE teacher.

  • PROGRESS OF EACH INDIVIDUAL CHILD: Due to the targeted differentiation exercises per skill component, the students make faster and better progress. By focusing on self-evaluation through individual reports, students maintain their intrinsic motivation. The PE teacher can track the evolution of each child and direct it where necessary.

  • EXTENSIBLE: The digital environment is built in such a way that expansion to a broader school and pupil context is possible within the framework of health and pedagogical elements.

What will the future bring?

In the 2021-2022 school year, about 20 schools will start digitally monitoring the movements of pupils in primary and secondary education.

In addition to the standard exercise tests, a questionnaire is also available that gauges the motivation of the children or youths to participate in sports/exercise. Another questionnaire evaluates the movement preferences of the students. So, we are looking for ways to not only assess the physical activity level of students but the exercise profile in its entirety.

SportaMundi will work closely with these schools, with pedagogical counselors and Ghent University to optimize the platform by September 2022. These pilot schools test out the features and give us feedback and recommendations so that we can properly respond to the needs of PE teachers in practice.

If you would like more information or if you have any questions about the possibilities of our digital environment, don’t hesitate to send an email to We are happy to help!

Screenshot from PowerBI giving an overview of the movement levels of participating children